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Is coconut oil good for your hair?
4 ways to extend the life of your blow-dry


The expert tricks for boosting volume in fine hair
5 of our favourite natural Australian brands
Everything you need to know to FINALLY give natural beauty products a go
These are the hair productstop hairstylists swear by


How often you really need toget a haircut according to Simon Bright
Simon Bright tells you how makeyour balayage look better
Simon Bright tells you how to get the hair you want at your next appointment
3 things you didn't know about blow-drying your hair by our Creative Director Simon Bright


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How to achieve this by our Creative Director Simon Bright


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Vegan Products Which Packs Punches

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25 brands you’ll want in your Christmas stocking this year, featuring JONNY+JUNE Originals

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JONNY+JUNE Salon Relocates and Launches Products
Creative Director Simon's styling tricks for short hairstyles that you need to know
Our Creative Director Simon's advice on how to recover from a bad haircut.
Where 10 beauty editors get their hair coloured

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Our Creative Director Simon's 4 things that will make your balayage look so much better
J0NNY+JUNE Original Shampoo and Conditioner has been named as one of the 11 of the best products launched this September 2017

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Our Creative Director Simon's expert tips for finding your best bob cut

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